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Below is a list of products from Ewen Chia (yes, I'm a follower of Ewen, but no, I didn't buy ALL his products). If you don't know Ewen Chia by now, well, he is dubbed the World's No.1 Super Affiliate. He didn't crown himself with this name, but was given this 'title' due to his amazing selling power as an affiliate marketer. You can't go wrong to learn from a well-recognized internet marketing guru, can you? 

Again, I highly recommend that you read ALL the reviews below or visit the links given before you decide which product that suits you the most and grab a copy of it. Of course, nothing can stop you from buying more than one book! 

So, enjoy the review, get a copy, take action and work towards your dream!



Review: Ewen Chia's Internet Wealth System - New & Hot!!

This Internet Wealth System is the latest product from Ewen Chia, just released in September, so it's really hot from the oven! 

The Internet Wealth System Ewen is referring to is of course none other than affiliate marketing, which is what Ewen is best at. The primary message in this book is, that building your own internet wealth is simple and not complicated at all - provided you have a proven system to follow. Of course, Ewen is going to 'give' you that system. 

In this 100-page ebook, Ewen covers the basic aspects affiliate marketing business, such as finding your niche market and the 'right' product to sell, but two-thirds of the book mainly focuses on methods you can use to drive traffic to your website or make more people clicking on your affiliate links. This approach is definitely not something new. In fact, many may have already known about the benefits of article marketing and social bookmarking on affiliate sales rates. But what Ewen shows here is how you can integrate the different platforms (and where to find them), implementing them step by step, so to ensure your article marketing and social bookmarking strategies are run systematically, and that will ultimately generate sales for you.

So who should get a copy of Internet Wealth System? I would recommend this to new internet marketers who already have a background knowledge of internet marketing, who are seeking for ways to drive traffic besides using pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

For those who are still in the phase of searching for the right internet business model to work on, I strongly suggest that you FIRST get a copy of
Work From Home Secret Report or Newbie Cash Machine to gain an overview of different internet business models before you dive into the Internet Wealth System. Even better if you join Secret Affiliate Weapon to understand the A-Z basics of affiliate marketing prior to reading the Internet Wealth System. I believe that after reading the other three ebooks, you will find the Internet Wealth System more insightful and useful. 

Review: Ewen Chia's Working From Home Secret Report:

3 Quick And Easy Ways To Make Money From Home On The Internet

The Working From Home Secret Report is one of Ewen's earliest products, but what he taught inside is still pretty much applicable until this day. As implied by the report title, it basically covers 3 easy ways to make money on the internet that can be done at home. The models discussed are:
1) Selling on e-bay;
2) Affiliate marketing; and
3) Selling your own products, mainly info products (i.e. e-books). 

While the report doesn't elaborate too much details on the three methods, it pretty much covers the elementary how-to's for you to start any of the 3 internet business models mentioned, from researching the market at the beginning stage, finding the products to sell, to driving traffic to your website that converts into sales. Still, this report indeniably provides a strong fundamental knowledge on the three internet business models.

This is the first product of Ewen that I bought, and it has really opened up my eyes and mind to the world of internet business, and assured me that working from home and making an income using the internet is possible. 

If you are still contemplating which type of internet business to embark on, or just want to gain a little insight on the internet business opportunities available, I strongly recommend you get this report for a measly one-time investment of $9.97. What have you got to lose with $10 when there are bonuses worth more than $164 to grab plus a 8-week, 100% money-back guarantee



Review: Ewen Chia's Secret Affiliate Weapon Premium 

Lifetime Membership

For those who have decided to choose affiliate marketing as their work-from-home business, joining Ewen's Secret Affiliate Weapon Premium Lifetime Membership is an inexpensive way to start. Don't worry, there is no monthly membership to pay, just a one-time $9.97 to secure your membership. 

You may not have a clear notion what materials you are going to receive with the membership by just reading the sales page, but let me spill some beans here. ;)

With $9.97, you are going to receive 6 light-weight Training Reports:
Training Report #1 - 1-Week Affiliate Profit Plan
A step-by-step plan that you can work on and have your affiliate marketing business set up in just 7 days.

 Training Report #2 - Quick-Start Affiliate Profits 
7 tips to promote any affiliate program that you are running. 

 Training Report #3 - Quick-Start Guide to Google Adwords 
A brief guide to starting your first Adwords campaign, tips, do's and don'ts. 

 Training Report #4 - Thank-You Page Tactics
Maximize the use of your thank-you page effectively (e.g. promote another product).

 Training Report #5 - "Affiliate Money Machine" E-book 
A 30-page e-book that outlines a 7-step system that you can use over and over again to target and penetrate any niche affiliate products.

 Training Report #6 - Ultimate Website Videos 
Video tutorials consisting of 4 modules to show you how to start and profit from your own websites. 

PLUS (a good one here): 
 Master training blueprint "Ultimate Affiliate Marketing" - A 56-page content-packed step-by-step blueprint to succeed as an affiliate marketer. This is a blueprint that you can apply over and over again on affiliate marketing in general, in any market you choose.

p.s.: The blueprint itself actually tells you how you can make money promoting Secret Affiliate Weapon
p.p.s: When you go to Secret Affiliate Weapon page, the first thing to do is to download the free report (worth $47) before you even read the rest of the sales page. You have 3 minutes to download the report..... If you past the 3-minute time frame, don't worry, just refresh the page. ;-)


Strictly speaking, this cannot be considered a membership program, as there is no regular monthly updating or whatsoever. While there is supposedly a 'secret blog' where affilliate marketing secrets will be shared and only accessible to members, the blog hasn't been updated since last June. However, I do receive some member-exclusive materials from Ewen Chia from time to time. Some of the materials can be sold for 100% profit, or be given away if you have subscribers. 

Again, with $9.97, you are certainly getting more than what you paid for. So no harm grab a copy. But you have to be quick, as currently the downloadable training materials are only available for the next 27 members only.


Review: Ewen Chia's Ebook Money Machine

Obviously, Ewen wants you to make money online with ebooks. This time it is not about promoting other people's products, but your own. Yes, authoring your own ebooks, and selling them for 100% profit (and building your own brand name)! Writing and selling your own ebooks can indeed make you lots of money, otherwise there won't be so many 'how to make money' ebooks in the market right now. ;-) 

If writing is some task that you have always dreaded, Ewen's Ebook Money Machine is going to help you set your mind, and tune it to say "Yes, I can write my own ebook!". He then gives you a 7-day step-by-step plan to starting an ebook business - from finding a topic to write, targeting a market to sell, identifying ideas to write about, to marketing and selling your ebook. 
Honestly, if you think you have a special skill or talent that can sell, why not become an author and make money from your ebook business? 

Okay, may be you truly, really, honestly can't write, so could you still benefit from an ebook business? Sure you can. Ewen tells you in Ebook Money Machine that you don't necessarily have to pen all words in an ebook with your name on it. There are ways to create YOUR ebook without actually writing it, and still making money from it. 

An ebook business is certainly a home-based internet business opportunity that is workable and profitable besides affiliate marketing.  

Other recommended resources:

Newbie Cash Machine


Designed especially for people brand new to Internet marketing, with internet marketing terms       explained in simple language for anybody to understand
Outlines 10 simple steps to follow to start making money online
Easy step-by-step guide for setting up your own website quickly
Detailed, nuts-and-bolts guidelines for creating opt-in pages
Step-by-step instructions for creating your follow-up email campaigns
How to ‘steal’ other people’s search engine traffic for free

I'm a Newbie, But I'm Ready to Make Real Money Online With

This Simple Cash Machine!

Working From Home Complete Internet Success Home Study Program


The best and most complete courses available to learn how to start and run your own internet

Get 5 complete modules that walk you through the entire process of setting up your business and
    selling whatever you want to sell

Bonuses: Step-by-step worksheets, ‘secret’ module 6, step-by-sep video tutorials on each

Automatic sales letter software
Automatic email software
Total real value = $2,796! (You will not pay this much, of course. You will love the price you are
    getting this full complete program!)

But SORRY, this program is only available to people who sign up for the Working From Home     Secret Report! So, what are you waiting for?

I Want My Working From Home Complete Study Program,

Show Me The Working From Home Secret Report Now!

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